About Us

Ethnicity is our Mantra, we at Varnavastram are the pioneers of bringing in best of handloom and excellence of handcrafted collectives from different weavers clusters across India to the customers platform. We have been designing, curating, reviving alongside the finest of MasterArtisans from different regions and provides the best of handloom and handwoven sarees in varieties of silk and cotton base. Varnavastram was found in 2016 and provides a Galore of handcrafted sarees that are asthetically curated be it in Kanchivaram vintage Revival silk The PARAMPARA or in Ikkat silk tie and dye Uzbek inspired designs NARUMUGAI, and the Authentic hill cotton that is organically handspun and woven in Ponduru Jamdanis and the Dhakai Jamdanis, Linens, Tussar Silk sarees. We are also envisioning and rejuvenating the Fusion of THARAGAI in different folk arts like Penkalamkari, Madhubani, kathawork, GondhArt, Pichwai, Cheriyal painting on different silk sarees. We are very privileged to say that the first in bringing the natural dye Kanchivaram silk sarees in EKANTA collections. Also our go natural Ecoprints and natural dye silk ikkat sarees are a must own collective pieces.